4 thoughts on “Would you Re-elect Hon. John Waiganjo as your next Member of parliament For Ol Joro Orok in 2017 election?

  1. as Oljoroorok resident ,I feel the Waiganjo era is the worst since the CDF was implemented, with almost 400m for 3 years ,without anything done in Mashinani.


  2. I will re elect Hon Waiganjo for the 1.support he has given to secondary and tertiary students who belongs to the constituency 2.the support he has given to the youth in the mashinani,,, 3. driving licenses to the Boda Boda drivers. 4.support to the women and old people . 5.infrastructure development 6.General support to all members of the constituency 7.started projects to support the jobless youth in the mashinani 8.among others Members of ol-joro orok we need not to be biased and argue closing our eyes ,those eras now are passed by time ,,,it is what have you done for me !


  3. I’m a close friend of his son, Jordan Waiganjo Mureithi. I’m in his class, too bad you’re not going to be able to re-elect him.


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