Jubilee Party Campaign Team 2017 – Is Nyandarua represented.

Learn more about the list of the Jubilee Party Campaign Team for 2017. The Ol Kalou member of parliament Hon. David Kiaraho has made it to the list. This has proved the fact that he is the only member of parliament from Nyandarua county who can be re-elected by his constituents. According to statistics collected by Nyandarua Metrics team the MP stands a better chance of being re-elected in 2017.


There are 5 constituencies in Nyandarua county. See the aspiring MP’s by clicking

Kinangop: https://nyandarua2017metrics.wordpress.com/category/kinangop/#

Kipipiri: https://nyandarua2017metrics.wordpress.com/category/kipipiri/

Ndaragwa: https://nyandarua2017metrics.wordpress.com/category/ndaragwa

Ol-kalou: https://nyandarua2017metrics.wordpress.com/category/ol-kalou/

Ol-joro-orok: https://nyandarua2017metrics.wordpress.com/category/ol-joro-orok/

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